Welcome to our little space on the web for Black Wolf Paranormal Investigations and Research.  We are happy to have you here :)    

Our team is comprised of investigators with a phenomenal wealth of experience both in their work lives and within the paranormal field.   We are a team that does not use all of the bells and whistles that most teams these days seem to use.  We do have a small arsenal of equipment (video cameras, digital cameras, 35mm cameras and voice recorders) to help us with documenting our investigations but we have decided to not use a truck load of equipment for in the past, we have found that these pieces are more of a hindrance  then a help and for the comfort of our clients, we want to keep our intrusion upon their lives to a minimum. 

We are a team that does not use Ouija boards, seances or other metaphysical means of communicating with spirits on the other side.  We do not have psychics/mediums on our team.  We are a down-to-Earth, simplified paranormal team that will get the job done.  If we are not able to help you out, we do know other teams in the area that may be able to!

Our main concentration is on places and locations of historic value.  This does not mean we will not help out or do an investigation for you but we enjoy trying to find and confirm the spirits and their connection to places of history.  

We are located in Kitsap County, WA in the beautiful Pacific Northwest!  Some of the cities in our area include Silverdale, Poulsbo, Bremerton, Port Gamble and Port Orchard.  

Take a look around our site, if we seem to be a fit for your needs, then we would love to hear from you!

The Black Wolf Paranormal Team

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